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officecandidate(s)/partylocal votespercentwon(locally)
Bristol MayorKen Cockayne(Republican)5,64651.870Won
Christopher Wilson(Democrat)5,23948.130
TreasurerThomas O Barnes Jr.(Republican)6,13958.506Won
Sandra Stafford(Democrat)4,35441.494
Council District 1Calvin Brown(Democrat)2,30428.778Won
Eric L. Carlson(Republican)2,17027.105Won
Stephen M. Jeffries(Democrat)1,77522.171
Thomas Hick(Republican)1,75721.946
Council District 2Henri Martin(Republican)2,33732.544Won
Richard J Miecznikowski(Republican)2,22230.943Won
Bob Vojtek(Democrat)1,27317.727
Allen Marko(Democrat)1,02314.246
Frank M. Kramer(Petitioning Candidate)3264.540
Council District 3Ellen Zoppo-Sassu(Democrat)1,63027.749Won
Mary Fortier(Democrat)1,55526.473Won
Derek A Czenczelewski(Republican)1,35423.051
James Albert(Republican)1,33522.727
Board of Assessment AppealsMary L. Alford(Republican)5,81928.662Won
Stacey A. Raymond(Republican)4,81123.697Won
Shirley Salvatore(Democrat)4,58122.564
Richard Harlow(Democrat)4,06620.028
Dominic R. Pasquale Jr.(Petitioning Candidate)1,0255.049
ConstablesKate Matthews(Democrat)5,28618.492Won
Sarah Sullivan(Democrat)5,18818.149Won
Joseph C. Geladino(Republican)4,82316.872
Joel L. Boutwell(Republican)4,51215.784
Bouchard Mudry(Democrat)4,46515.620
Timothy Lee Ceritello(Republican)4,31215.084
Question 1Term Limits(Yes)7,53778.258Won
Term Limits(No)2,09421.742
Question 2Eliminate constables(Yes)5,02262.502Won
Eliminate constables(No)3,01337.498
Question 3Technical revisions(Yes)4,39965.667Won
Technical revisions(No)2,30034.333
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